On 29 March 2023 at the via Carlo Alberto,22/A premises of Immaginazione e Lavoro, a vocational training centre in Turin (Piedmont, Italy).
The 20 participants belonged to different categories interested in the results of the project, such as VET trainers, educators, freelancers, coaches, communication and digital marketing experts and also owners of local small businesses, as well as some other professionals interested in the project topics who are part of the LABC network.
Angela Salvatore, LABC trainer and project manager with decades of experience in managing ICT projects for business applications, facilitated the workshop. Project results were presented, highlighting the importance of e-skills training for VET trainers for SMEs.
Angela Salvatore moderated a discussion urging participants to share their perspectives, experiences and realities. Participants were encouraged to use the results of the project for their future work.
The event lasted the entire day. During the morning, activities focused on DigCompEdu and the general context of the project, which was presented in detail before the lunch break. In the afternoon, practical activities focused on the use of the project results, registration on the platform and examples of how to use the training materials.
During the question and answer session, interesting insights and experiences were shared. Before the final greetings and the closing of the event, handouts were distributed and signatures were collected.