Multiplier Event in Larissa, Greece

On Friday 31 March 2023, KAINOTOMIA organized the Multiplier Event of the Digi4SME project. The ME aimed at sharing with the target groups and any stakeholders both the IO1: Training Needs Detector and the IO2: Training e-course developed throughout the project and, thus, at increasing the project’s visibility. The ME was held as an one-day […]

Second Multiplier Event in Spain

After the resounding success of the first Multiplier in Spain, FYG held a second event at the Escuela Profesional Xavier in Valencia (Spain). This event was held on the 29th of March 2023 and 20 people who belong to the Digi4SME target group attended it. This event was useful to show the results of the […]

Multiplier Event in Rzeszów

CWEP has organised a Multiplier Event from Digi4SME project on 28th of March in Rzeszów. The event was attended by 34 local and regional stakeholders and started with a brief description of the project and the Erasmus+ programme. Project partners were also presented before the event moved to the main part. In the main part, […]

Multiplier Event in Turin

On 29 March 2023 at the via Carlo Alberto,22/A premises of Immaginazione e Lavoro, a vocational training centre in Turin (Piedmont, Italy). The 20 participants belonged to different categories interested in the results of the project, such as VET trainers, educators, freelancers, coaches, communication and digital marketing experts and also owners of local small businesses, […]

Project Multiplier Event in Genoa

The project multiplier event organised by Diciannove in Genoa on 17 March 2023 was attended by many professionals. Not only vocational training centres but also many teachers and freelancers. Knowing one’s own level in digital skills and having useful tools is a necessity for many. During the presentation of the project and the results, DigCompEdu, […]

Last project meeting in Genoa, 21 and 22 March 2023

Diciannove was delighted to host the partners for the last meeting. The atmosphere in this partnership was good from the beginning, but after two years of working together it is a reunion of old friends. The spirit of cooperation was never lacking and work was done expeditiously and with a great desire to bring the […]

Multiplier event of DIGI4SME in Warsaw

Polish Chamber of Commerce organised a Multiplier Event of Digi4SME project on 17 of March in Warsaw in the premises of Polish Chamber. The event was attended by 22 local and regional stakeholders and entrepreneurs. The meeting began with a welcome from Jerzy Drożdż, the Director of Foreign Relations Department and the presentation with a […]

Digi4SME multiplier event in Spain

The Digi4SME Multiplier Event was held in Spain by FYG Consultores on March 2nd, 2023 at Espacio Hoku (Valencia, Spain). As the implementation period of the project is coming to an end, this event was held as a final event that counted with the participation of the project’s target audience. The main objective of this […]

Digi4SME multiplier event in Romania

The Digi4SME Multiplier Event was held in Romania by Ludor Engineering on February 25th, 2023 at Tehnopolis Science & Technology Park from Iasi, Romania. The main objectives of the event were to raise awareness of the project and to spread and transfer to stakeholders the Intellectual Outputs IO1 and IO2 for their further exploitation and […]

Increasing the digital competences of vocational trainers in line with DigCompEdu

The Partnership is pleased to announce the realised project results. The DIGI4SME project contributes to increase the digital competences of VET trainers delivering training to SMEs, in line with the DigCompEdu programme, through two results: IO1 – The training needs detector: a tool made available to VET trainers to define their preparation in the 6 […]