On Friday 31 March 2023, KAINOTOMIA organized the Multiplier Event of the Digi4SME project. The ME aimed at sharing with the target groups and any stakeholders both the IO1: Training Needs Detector and the IO2: Training e-course developed throughout the project and, thus, at increasing the project’s visibility.

The ME was held as an one-day event and was attended by 20 representatives of the project’s target groups; namely, VET trainers and learners, SME employees, and other professionals. It was organized in two sessions throughout this day, a morning and an afternoon one. Stergios Samaras and Athina Papandreou, project managers working for KAINOTOMIA, led the event panel. After registrations and welcome, the morning session of the event started with a general presentation of the Erasmus+ programme and continued with a general overview of the project. Then, the project’s two Intellectual Outputs (IOs) were shown to the attendees, who were encouraged to browse them as well as use them. After the midday break, the afternoon session started with the presentation of the DigiCompEdu framework to the audience, which triggered the consequent discussion about the digital competences and skills needs of the contemporary labor market and of the SMEs. Finally, the attendees had the chance to participate in interactive training activities related to digital upskilling. After a Q&A session, the event was successfully completed as its evaluation by the attendees indicated, as its evaluation by the attendees indicated.