Polish Chamber of Commerce organised a Multiplier Event of Digi4SME project on 17 of March in Warsaw in the premises of Polish Chamber. The event was attended by 22 local and regional stakeholders and entrepreneurs.
The meeting began with a welcome from Jerzy Drożdż, the Director of Foreign Relations Department and the presentation with a brief description of the project and the Erasmus+ programme itself, at the same time main points of DigiCompEdu were presented.
Later, partners showcased the project’s results, including the Detector of Needs, a tool developed as part of the project, which helps identify the specific needs of SMEs, and the E-Learning Course and its modules, designed to enhance digital competencies in the target group.
At the next stage, a guest speaker addressed the topic of intellectual property and copyright online, – this topic is described extensively in one of the training modules available on DIG4SME platform. The session continued with a question-and-answer segment and feedback gathering, where participants had the opportunity to clarify doubts and share their thoughts on the project. The participants were impressed by the quality of the materials available on the platform and declared to recommend it further.