The Digi4SME Multiplier Event was held in Spain by FYG Consultores on March 2nd, 2023 at Espacio Hoku (Valencia, Spain). As the implementation period of the project is coming to an end, this event was held as a final event that counted with the participation of the project’s target audience. The main objective of this ME was to increase the visibility of the project and to share the results obtained within the IO1 and IO2.
After disseminating the information of the event, a total of 20 people participated in this ME. These people represent the target audience of the project since their profiles correspond to VET education providers, training agencies, SMEs, trade associations, public authorities, NGOs, universities and other professionals.
Throughout the event, topics related to Digi4SME, its objectives and results, how to use the results of the project, the DigCompEdu framework, the Erasmus+ programmes and the development of digital competences in SMEs were presented.